Frequently asked Questions about the Take a Friend Hunting Contest

Contest participants are required to hunt safely and legally. See the Oregon Big Game Regulations or Oregon Game Bird Regulations for questions about hunting regulations.

Question: If the mentor draws a big game controlled hunt tag and the mentee does not, can we still participate in the contest?

  • Answer: Yes, but the mentee may only accompany the mentor on their hunt. The mentee cannot hunt for the controlled hunt species without a tag so should not carry a rifle or bow or take a shot at the big game animal.

Question: If my mentee draws a big game controlled hunt tag and I do not, can I still mentor them?

Answer: Yes, you may serve as a guide to the mentee; however, you cannot hunt without the controlled hunt tag—so no carrying a rifle or bow or taking a shot at an animal for which you do not personally hold a valid tag.

Question: What if only one of us draws a controlled bird hunt (such as sage-grouse or fall turkey) or gets a reservation for a bird hunt at a wildlife area or refuge?

Answer: The same rules apply to bird hunts. Only the person with a valid permit may hunt; the person without a permit should not carry a legal weapon (shotgun) or take a shot. Many wildlife areas/refuges allow hunters with reservations to bring additional guests; see the Oregon Game Bird Regulations or check with the refuge for details.

Question: Can the mentor and mentee share a tag or validation?

  • Answer: No, each individual hunter must hunt on their own tag/validation.

Question: If the mentee has been hunting before but not in the past five years, are they eligible?

  • Answer: Yes, returning hunters who have not been hunting in Oregon for five or more years (so no Oregon hunting license since 2012) meet the eligibility requirements.

Question: If the mentee went hunting last year, can they be eligible?

  • Answer: Yes, new hunters are those who have never been hunting before or are only in their second consecutive year hunting (meaning they got their first Oregon hunting license in 2016).

Question: If the mentee has been hunting once in the past five years, but not in 2016, are they eligible to be a mentee.

  • Answer: No, if they have been hunting in the past five years they are not eligible to enter the contest.

Question: Can I mentor more than one individual?

  • Answer: Yes, you may mentor up to five individuals and enter the contest for each person you mentor.

Question: If I mentor multiple hunters, can I win more than one prize?

  • Answer: No, each mentor is only eligible to win one prize.

Question: If a family member or friend has just turned 18 and hunted as a youth, can they qualify as a mentee?

  • Answer: No, new hunters are those who have not hunted in the past five years or their first year hunting is 2016 and/or 2017.

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